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Модуль 2153001-1 AMP-TWIST-6AS STANDART (ISO cat.6A) SL XGA 10Gigabit

фото Модуль 2153001-1 AMP-TWIST-6AS STANDART (ISO cat.6A) SL XGA 10Gigabit
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Модуль 2153001-1 AMP-TWIST-6AS STANDART (ISO cat.6A) SL XGA 10Gigabit

Описание Модуль 2153001-1 AMP-TWIST-6AS STANDART

Leveraging the benefits of the AMP NETCONNECT XG cabling system, the AMP-TWIST 6AS Stnd SL Jack is the best solution for Category 6A shielded applications combining quick & easy termination with superior performance. The AMP-TWIST 6AS Stnd SL Jack meets and exceeds Category 6A Component and Class EA Permanent Link specifications for ISO/IEC 11801 Ed.2.2 when used as a component in a correctly installed AMP NETCONNECT XG cabling system offering short lengths.

Параметры Модуль 2153001-1 AMP-TWIST-6AS:

Модуль 2153001-1 AMP-TWIST-6AS Cat. 6A Component Compliant (ISO/IEC 11801 Ed.2.2) Ready for all existing Ethernet applications

• PoE+ Compliant (IEEE 802.3at) Support data with power connections

• Safety Transmission Performance Provides typical transmission values with safety margin(1)

• Short Channel Length  Cabling system capable for short channel lengths(1)

• Fast Termination  Assembly times typically lower than 1 minute with reliable termination

• Automatic Wire Cutting  The wire ends are trimmed automatically during the connection process

• Fully Shielded  Protected against electro-magnetic interferences (EMI)

• Automatic Screen Termination 360º  Ensures equipotential bonding & grounding

• Slim and compact profile  Offers superior density

• Low Profile Length  Connector suitable for narrow spaces (37mm)

• Open-Easy Access  Easily disassembled with standard screwdriver

• Re-usable  The contact design allows for multiple re-terminations

• Integrated Dust Cover  Optional protection available in different colours

• Universal wiring labels  Allows either T568A or T568B wiring patterns

• RoHS and REACH compliant  All loose parts meet relevant environmental directives

Спецификации Модуль 2153001-1 AMP-TWIST-6AS>

Modular jacks are un-keyed, 4-pair, RJ-45, with an integrated shield and fit in a 20.07x14.78 mm opening. Modular jacks are terminated using the AMP NETCONNECT SL Series modular jack termination tool part number 1725150-x. Each modular jack can be wired to [T568A or T568B] and can accommodate cable with a cable diameter range from 5.00 to 9.00mm. The insulation displacement contacts are capable of terminating [22-26 AWG solid and 24-26 AWG stranded] conductors with a maximum insulation diameter of 1.60 mm. [Each jack incorporates an integral, hinged dust cover]. Modular jacks have part number [2153000-1 or 2153001-1].

Applicable Standards 2153001-1 AMP-TWIST-6AS:

• ISO/IEC 11801 Ed.2.2: Generic Cabling for Customer Premises

• ANSI/TIA 568-C.2: Balanced Twisted-Pair Telecommunications Cabling and Components Standards

• ISO/IEC 60603-7-1 3rd Edition: Connectors for electronic equipment: Detailed Specification for 8-way, shielded free and fixed connectors

• ISO/IEC 60603-7-51 1st Edition: Connectors for electronic equipment: Detailed Specification for 8-way, shielded free and fixed connectors, for data transmission with frequencies up to 500MHz

• IEEE 802.3an: Physical Layer and Management parameters for 10 Gb/s operation, Type 10G-BASE-T

• IEEE 802.3at: Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) Power via Media Dependent Interface (MDI)

Technical Details Модуль 2153001-1:

Materials Модуль 2153001-1:

Modular Jack (front and rear housing) Zinc Alloy

IDC Connecting Block & Lacing fixture Polycarbonate, 94V-0 rated

Contacts Beryllium copper, plated with 1.27 μm [50 μin] thick gold in localized area and 3.81μm [150 μin] minimum thick nickel under plate and 3.8 μin minimum thick tin in solder area over 1.27 μm min. thick nickel under plate.

Cutting Blade and Shield Point Contact Stainless Steel

Insulation Displacement Contacts Phosphorous bronze, plated with 3.81 μm [150 μin] minimum thick matte tin over 1.27 μm [50 μin] minimum thick nickel under plate.

Integral Dust Cover Polycarbonate

Electrical Characteristics:

Voltage 150Vac max.

Current Signal application only (0.75A)

Operating Temperature -10° to 60°C (14° to 140°F)

Environmental Conditions:

Thermal shock resistance According IEC 60068-2-14

Humidity-temperature cycling resistance According IEC 60068-2-38

Stress relaxation resistance According IEC 60068-2-2, Test method Ba

Flowing mixed gas corrosion resistance According IEC 60068-2-60 Test Method C

Mechanical Characteristics:

Modular Jack (Interface durability) 750 mating cycles

Plug insertion/withdrawal force 30 N maximum

Insulation Displacement Contacts Accept solid 22-26 AWG and stranded 24-26 AWG with a maximum insulation diameter of 1.60 mm

Cable outside Diameter Accepts cables with a maximum O.D. of 9.00 mm

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