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AMP Патч Панели 24, 48 портов 1U купить

Сортировать по алфавиту по цене по артикулу
Сортировать по алфавиту по цене по артикулу

Наборные патч-панели

- Панели 19" с портами RJ-45 (кроме настенной панели)
- Настенная 12-портовая мини-панель (крепежный кронштейн в комплекте)
- Протестирована по методике De-embeded
- Возможна индивидуальная замена гнезд
- Разводка проводников кабеля Т568А/ T568B
- Хвостовики гнезд для ограничения натяжения кабеля
- Поставка с отдельно упакованными гнездами (для удобства монтажа)

1375013-2, 1375014-2, 1375015-2, 1375016-2

TE Connectivity's (TE) Category 6 Standard SL Series Patch Panels exceed ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 and ISO/IEC 11801 requirements

for Category 6/Class E component performance. TE's Category 6 System complies with all of the performance requirements

for current and proposed applications such as Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-TX), 10 and 100BASE-TX, token ring, 155 Mbps

ATM, 100 Mbps TP-PMD, ISDN, analog and digital video and analog and digital voice (VoIP).

TE's Category 6 SL Series patch panels are available in 12-, 24-, 48- and 96-Port versions. Universal wiring labels permit field

installation to either T568A or T568B wiring, while simplifying ordering and inventorying. The "6-pack" modules accept 9mm

and 12mm labels (included) as well as color-coded icons. Each “6-pack” module comes unloaded with six individual Category

6 jacks (shipped bagged), enabling each port to be individually replaced if necessary. This design allows for even and

repeatable performance testing for each port. Jacks are terminated using TE's SL Series Termination Tool (P/N: 1725150-1) for

even greater performance standardization and repeatability.


Category 6 patch panels shall be [1U, 12-Port or 24-Port or 2U 48-Port or 4U, 96-Port], wired to [T568A or T568B], and shall

accept RJ-45, 8-Position modular plugs. Patch panels shall be configured as 6-port modules with individually replaceable

jacks. The front of each module shall be capable of accepting 9mm to 12mm labels. Each port shall be capable of accepting

an icon to indicate its function. Patch panels shall terminate the building cabling on 110-style insulation displacement

connectors. [Patch panels shall be supplied unloaded with jacks bagged separately, for termination using TE SL Series

Termination Tool (p/n: 1725150-1).] The installed system shall comply with the Category 6 performance characteristics listed

on the back page.

Patch panels shall be UL Listed under file number E81956. Patch panels shall be TE part number [1375013-2, 1375014-2,

1375015-2 or 1375016-2].

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