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  • Виды и характеристики оптических волоконnetwork computer12.06.2017 22:04:57 covorp
    По мере расширения областей применения оптических волокон в различных участках телекоммуникационной сферы, совершенствовались сами волокна, обретая новые параметры, оптимизированные для разных задач. В настоящее время применяется несколько типов оптически
  • Types of Internet Connectionsnetwork computer24.08.2011 15:45:56 internet
    I went to the Internet & nbsp; weight just ten years ago, and & nbsp; ways to access the & nbsp; for it & nbsp; this time, bred by the thousand; however, most of the network device was invented before the popularization of the World Wide Web and & nbsp; w
  • What is RAS?network computer22.07.2011 5:20:48 internet
    Structured cabling system (SCS) - the basis for the creation of information infrastructure and their "circulatory system".
  • A method for controlling propagation medium local area network in order to protectnetwork computer08.02.2011 В.В. Мирошников, А.Ф. Петигин
    Currently, the most common standard for the construction of local area networks (LANs) is the IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet). Common medium propagation networks Ethernet, using the mechanism of exchange of broadcast network frames, is a platform for the implementa
  • RFID - a modern identification technologynetwork computer20.01.2011
    RFID (Eng. Radio Frequency IDentification, RFID) - a method of automatic identification of objects by radio signals which are read from or written to the data stored in the so-called transponders, or RFID-tags.
  • ATM technology and modern corporate networknetwork computer13.09.2010 internet
    Growth and increased utilization of corporate networks makes it necessary to upgrade them with the most modern trends in the development of communication systems. And here should strive to not only minimize those funds, but also the most efficient to inve
  • Specifications twisted pair cablenetwork computer22.01.2009 17:37:44
    description of the characteristics of cables:
  • Construction of Wi-Finetwork computer12.12.2008 15:27:19 internet
    Colorful booklets, demonstrating the benefits of unlimited Wi - Fi, Wireless LAN, or talk about the large, professionally-designed systems, or about home, very limited in terms of size and filling user environments.
  • The choice of cables for video surveillance systemsnetwork computer02.10.2007 22:14:25
    Most often, the video signals are transmitted between devices over coaxial cable. Coaxial cable - it is not only the most common, but also the cheapest, most reliable, most convenient and easiest way to transmit electronic images in systems Television (CC
  • Addressing in IP-based networksnetwork computer22.07.2007
    Address types: physical (MAC-address), network (IP-address) and symbolic (DNS-name)